Corporate responsibility has a new color: green. The green thinkers at Nike say “every year, across the globe, millions of pairs of athletic shoes end up in landfills or are disposed of in some other way. That’s a lot of shoes going to waste that contain valuable materials that could be re-used if a degree of imagination, some ingenious engineering and a persistent pursuit of the principles of sustainability were to be applied.”  I can’t wait to see the next shoe car…now that would be some ingenious engineering.

Shoes of the day is thinking green, so recycle your old pair today.

Shoes on the surface

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  1. Dan says:

    What’s scary/cool about this is that everyone knows that nike air’s add like 15 inches to your vertical, but what if you were jumping off of a court made of nike air’s? Would it add 30 inches to your vertical or would the reaction be more profound as to add more like 50 inches to your vertical?

    Look out Spud Webb

  2. Stu says:

    I love it when companies pretend to care.

  3. the guy says:

    I love it when people like Stu pretend to know anything about what a company like Nike is about. Nike has always been about helping out in what it sees as its community. I know let it roll in about the sweat shop things in the 90s, but even then Nike had higher working standards in those regions than its competitors and others in the apparel industry, but when you are the biggest and the best you always end up as the wiping boy.

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