Shoes First, Racquet Second!

I found an interesting article today about tennis shoes. When playing tennis, choose your shoes wisely. Before you purchase a cool racquet and string it, make sure to string the right shoes on your feet. (Make sure and string the left one too.)

Tips for tennis shoes:

  1. Never wear running shoes on the tennis court. Running shoes provide no lateral support for your feet.
  2. Find a pair of shoes that are made for tennis. Hum, thanks for stating the obvious Ron Boon!
  3. Get to know your feet. Find the right size and fit! Meaning the right length, width and precise fit that will compliment the contours of your foot.
  4. Don’t wear cotton socks. Don’t buy cotton socks period for sports – unless you like the mooshy, hot and sloppy feet feeling.
  5. Wear non-marking soled shoes. Skid-marks are best left on road.

Use common sense. Use the proper and appropriate shoes for the sport in which you will be engaging in. Leave the high-heels home for all sports.

Find some cool tennis shoes here.

By the way, KSB let’s serve it up!

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  1. Stuart says:

    I wear running shoes and cotton socks when I golf. Aren’t I terrible?

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