Change Your Shoes When You Change Your Oil

How often should you change your shoes? Micchi and EconJon, listen up, this shoe review is for you.
The auto experts tell us that we should change the oil in our car every 3,000 miles.

What about your shoes? How often should you change ’em?

Shoe experts recommend if you are a runner to change your shoes every 400-600 miles, which equates to new running shoes every 4-5 months. New walking shoes are recommended every 7-8 months. Unless you are a speed walker, you will need extra shoe lubrication for the viscosity break-down and heat that is produced with your rapid strides. For your speed walkers, we recommend your next pair of shoes have flames instead of your car. And come on, if your feet stink before the above mileage shoe exchange recommendation, just get some new ones – your friends will thank you!

But where can I go to get a full-service shoe “change” and get advice about what shoes are right for you? We recommend that you go to one of your trusted local shoe store. Here are five things to know when you are about to make your next running or walking shoe purchase.

  1. When is the last time you told your feet how much you appreciate them? Get to know your feet a little bit better. What is your foot type? Do you have a high arch, low arch or average arch?
  2. Measure it! Have your foot measured. The optimal time to have your foot measured is in the late afternoon when you foot has had a chance to swell a little bit — similar to how your feet will feel during a work out.
  3. Size matters. Add a 1/2 size for optimal running shoe comfort. I typically wear a size 10.5 — however whenever I purchase a running shoe, I will always buy an 11.
  4. Bring your old shoes. Show the ped-expert how you wear your shoes. They may provide helpful information regarding what brand and shoe type is best for your next pair of shoes.
  5. Run up and down the isle. Come on, you did it as a kid, right? Why stop? Did you ever remember having uncomfortable shoes as a kid? Oh, right only when the feet where not right.

Other questions to ask your local retail sales on-staff pedorthist might include: “I have a high arch, which shoe would you recommend for a high arch that will offer more cushioning for a more comfortable walk or run.” Or “I have a medium arch, which shoe will provide optimal stability for my foot to work naturally?” Finally “I have a low arch, which shoe offers the best motion control, enabling my foot to guide every stride?”

Purchasing shoes is fun, but finding the right ones is the name of the game. Here are some excellent online retailers we recommend who provided excellent, detailed shoe information to help you make your next shoe purchase. If you want the best deals go right to the clearance section of the site. Piperlime has great women (Betty) and men shoe offerings. They also offer a wide selection of styles and sizes and let you return shoes at no charge! Lisa Freeman from Consumer Reports says “Piperlime in particular had really good prices overall. But no one site always has the best deals, so you really should shop around” That is why I have included three other options. offers free shipping, free return shipping and guarantee the lowest price on Women’s shoes, men’s shoes and Childrens Shoes. In fact they offer a 115% price guarantee. Get your shoes tomorrow without leaving your house! Right now at over night shipping is NEGATIVE $5. That is right, they will pay you for overnight shipping. Great selection on Women’s, Men’s and Kid’s shoes. And if you like handbags, they have those too.

Happy Feet Plus! Happy Feet Plus has been a proud retailer of health and comfort footwear since 1985. Some of their featured brands include – Birkenstock, Finn Comfort, Mephisto, Dansko and Think! They have been carefully selected to provide their valued customers with top-quality, orthopedic footwear.

And finally — Find all things shoe related by beginning your shoe search here!

As for lubing your shoes — well, you can do that whenever you would like. 10w-30 works best for a long-lasting supple shine for both your car engine and your shoes.*

*Applying motor oil to your shoes may have adverse affects and may void the manufactures warranty. Apply at your own risk, we do not assume any loss, damages or anything related to your own choice to liberally apply motor oil to your shoes.

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  4. Stuart says:

    Sweet! Here’s my chance to bust the 3,000 mile/3 month oil change myth!

    I change my oil every 5,000 miles, which is still sooner than it needs to be done, but it helps me easily keep track. 5, 10, 15 thousand miles is a heckuva lot easier than 3, 6, 9, 12… uh, what was the mileage last oil change??? Now if I were rich enough to afford synthetic, then I would feel perfectly comfortable going 10,000 between changes. That will void the warranty on most cars however, which require oil changes every 7,000 miles.

    Secondly, it’s not like the oil is going to suddenly go bad after three months and stop working. If you’ve only gone 1,000 miles in 3 months, why change it? It’s ridiculous.

    As for shoes… well, when you feel your feet becoming gangrenous, it’s time to change 😉

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