What A Croc!

I kept putting off the……but I….. continue to get requests to……uh…. review the ugliest shoe on earth, Crocs.

Do I wish I would have purchased Croc stock at the IPO? Yes. Do I own a pair, no. Remember, I suffer from the “my-second-toe-is-longer-than-my-big-toe-coolness.” I am afraid the opening of the crog grill just wouldn’t work….until NOW! (enter choir voices) Introducing (drumroll) new warmer for the season, fur-lined, but-aren’t-guaranteed-to-not-get-caught-in-a-mall-escalator, waterproof, rubber and faux Croc”mammoths”.

But wait, that’s not all! The wooly mammoth lining is REMOVABLE. Simply remove the linings and pull out some spare Velcro and wha-lah, now you have earmuffs. And when they need cleaning they are dishwasher safe!* Not the ear muffs, the shoes.

The I-wish-these-weren’t-but-they-are the shoes of the day:

Crocs Wild and Wooly Mammoth Shoes

What’s next? How about Crocs AIR , now with feathers. Crocs should stick to scales. What a Croc.

(*Don’t forget to remove the faux-crocodile-fur).

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I cant help it, I love shoes.

8 Responses to What A Croc!

  1. bill says:

    Crocs trying to be something they’re not!

  2. carina says:

    I think you (and crocs) have sold out.

    Say Hi to The Man.

  3. I for one am totally opposed to this, first they were taking crocs for their shoes but now they’re also taking their fur! THIS IS TOTALLY UNEXCEPTABLE!
    If I ever see anyone sporting crocs I’ll throw red paint all over their precious fur!

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  5. Kabong says:

    Reviewing stuff I don’t own RULES!!!! What a waste of bandwidth.

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