Hop Around In These Wallabees

This footwear classic originated in 1965 when Lance Clark sketched out a moccasin to create the world’s first comfort shoe.

Special thanks to Sandy for submitting these shoes of the day: Clarks England – Men’s Wallabee

Sandy says, “These are the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned. Babe Magnets.”

Men’s Clarks Wallabee Boots

Sandy also said, “If you want a shoe that screams ‘I am the coolest human being alive’, it’s the Clarks Wallaby.”

Men’s Clarks Wallabee Boots

Lastly, Sandy said, “They saved my life once, made breakfast, and still picked up the kids from soccer practice.”

Men’s Clarks Wallabee Boots take it from the top!

Hop around all day or on the weekends in these comfortable Clarks England Wallabee mid boots. These boots are smooth like butter with a leather lined insole and textured rubber gum sole. This will be the only time when you’ll be thankful you had gum on your soles!

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8 Responses to Hop Around In These Wallabees

  1. Sandy says:

    Love these shoes. I am in Italy, surrounded by leather masters- and wear my wallaby’s and get people wanting to know where I got them. …… true story.


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  3. Sandy says:

    The Clarks Wallaby. As worn by Eric and Hyde on season one of “That 70’s Show”- and almost consecutively for two seasons if not more by Randy, Earl’s brother on “My name Is Earl”.

  4. akil frost says:

    that is ugly

  5. tdwill says:

    how can i buy a pair of these wallabees????????

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  7. Luis Soares says:


    I like to buy a pair of this shoes – give me a contact to do that plase – size 43

  8. george says:

    where can I get this type to buy….some 1 help me with the link to buy 1

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