Yoze Kubrik Platform Pumps

Thanks to the ‘JetSet‘ one of our faithful readers for submitting this ‘shoe of the day’ review! Azucar, you rock! Bettys and other assorted skirts, listen up to a woman’s shoe expert and enjoy writing that is as good as these shoes!

“An intricate network of bronze wire anchors mirror-like sequins on these shimmering peep-toes. Bronze wire over leather? An entire shoe of mirror sequins? Yes, please! I think I’d wear these, uhm, everywhere. Down to Albertson’s, to pick up the mail, maybe even to the IFA. And at $1165, you’d have to wear them everywhere to make the most out of them.

A word about my friend Christian Louboutin. He is one of the world’s premiere shoe makers. He’s obsessed with the architecture and design of shoes. Louboutin’s first signature is a platform that allows the wearer comfort while propelling their feet into dizzying heights. The pitch of your foot isn’t as severe as the shoe looks at first glance all because of that platform. Four inch heels, that sounds about right.

The second signature? All Louboutin shoes have red leather soles. The story goes that Christian was pondering a pair of pumps one day and trying to figure out what was missing. His secretary was painting her nails with a Chanel fire red polish–I guess the French are OK with painting nails in front of bosses. He took one look at that bottle of Chanel and snatched it out of the secretary’s hand. He painted the bottom of the previously perplexing pumps and viola! A true Louboutin has a red sole, how delicious.”

The shoes of the day that come with a built-in platform: Louboutin Kubrick sequin leather 4 inch Plats.

Christian Louboutin Womens Shoes

Get some nail polish on your soles!

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  2. Melissa says:

    are these real because they’re not on christian louboutin’s actual website

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