Allen-Edmonds Men’s Steen Black Custom Calf

In the city, a black custom “caf” is something you find at Starbucks. “Yeah, I’ll take a grande, triple-caf-half-decaf-double-shot-mocha-mocha.”

In the country, a black custom “calf” is something you find standing next to a cow, although it isn’t rare to see a heifer with a calf at Starbucks. However, I’ve heard that the best custom black calves on the ranch are pure-bred Texas Longhorns, right Mike?

At Allen-Edmonds, Black Custom Calfs are something made exclusively for executive feet. Curl you pinky, grab your tall cold glass of whatever and your cigar, it’s Mr. Steven Stevenson’s mission to completely maintain emerging sources in order to assertively disseminate mission-critical catalysts for change — you can’t say that and get away with it wearing anything less than Allen-Edmonds shoes on your feet, hey Sayges?

Clean sleek lines give this strikingly handsome slip-on dress shoe a very professional look. Subtly catch people’s attention with the rounded toebox with center seam detail, stitching apron style front overlay and matching collar overlay. The smooth leather lining has a cushioned leather-topped insole. The traction patterned dress style outsole is complete with a one-inch capped dress heel. (Glad we had our anatomy lesson yesterday). The sans-lace, metal-less, 100% pure animal calfhide, make this smooth burnished slip style shoe extremely airport-friendly for the executive traveler. This shoe falls into the high-end category, and has everything you would expect from a shoe in the triple-digit price range.

The Shoes of the Day: Allen-Edmonds Men’s Steen Black Custom Calf.

Allen-Edmonds Custom Black Calf

Just be very careful when you “caf“– I’ve heard that can be crazy, especially in Canada!

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  1. carina says:

    Now those are swanky.

  2. EMS says:

    Sweet…Allen Edmons are awesome…nothing like a hand-made in the US shoe!

  3. That is correct! You’ll find the best cowhide on pure bread texas longhorns!

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