Nike Turbo

No more concealed, restricted and easily-punctured air.

Hello open air!

Hello Nike Shox!

My new shoes…of the day: Nike Shox Turbo V+

Nike Shox Turbo

When you see “turbo” on a motor vehicular, it means it’s fast. Well, so are these shoes. Wish you could have seen me running up and down the isles at the shoe store testing the turbo on these hot-rods. Faster than fast, quicker than quick, I am lightning! Videos to come. Standby. And, Action!

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  1. Stuart says:

    Here’s the thing people always ask: The force to propel you forward comes up from the ball of your foot. i.e. the front of the shoe. That being the case, how is putting the turbo chargers (those “shock” looking thingers) at the back going to help anything?

    Answer from me, Shoe Physicist: The turbo chargers compress air (just like the chargers in a car) as you land on the heel. As the foot rotates to the ball, the process is sped up by the release of air from the turbo chargers, propelling the wearer off the heel at a high rate of speed.

    You must be careful at speed with these, as if you are not prepared, the turbo chargers may release so much power as to cause your knee to buckle, slamming you face first into the pavement. You are actually better off using these to increase your vertical jump.

    My vertical increased approximately 39% just from slapping these bad boys on. Rock on Nike Shox Turbo V+!

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