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August 24th, 2007. I was wearing my Nike Air Max 360’s and noticed something unusual with my shoes (a feeling similar to getting a flat tire in your car) the midsole had detached from the upper.

I immediately went online to Here is my journey through the return of the Nike. I hope this is helpful if you ever have to return a pair of Nike shoes. I obtained the original email that I sent and what I received from Nike and have included it below.

My email dated: 8/25/2007 04:59 PM “I received this pair of silver/green Nike 2006 air max 360’s under a year ago as a gift. I liked them so much that I purchased another pair, this time red and dark gray. I just noticed (yesterday) that the midsole is detaching from the shoe upper! I thought I was seeing things as they cost $160.00 and as they still have plenty of wear and are in great condition. I would be happy to submit a picture of the detaching sole at your request. As they were given to me, I don’t know where to return them. What would you recommend?
Thanks in advance.”

I received a response from Nike the following day and have included the response dated 08/26/2007 06:45 PM. “Thank you for contacting Nike regarding your Air Max 360’s.

I am very sorry to hear about the problem you have experienced with your shoes, the soles detaching from the shoe. I would like you to know that Nike stands behind its products for material or manufacturing flaws.

I recommend that you first try to return or exchange your product at the place of purchase. If you have already tried this, or it is not an option for you, please review our return guidelines at

Then, to receive specific return instructions and a claim number, please contact our automated system at 1-800-344-6453, and choose option 3 for returns.

We appreciate your business. Thank you for using Nike products and services. Should you have additional questions or concerns, please reply to this e-mail.



In the phone message, Nike mentions that they will either send you a replacement of equal value, or send you a gift certificate to be used at the store — that is if the package arrives in satisfactory condition meeting all of their stringent return requirements.

Below are the Steps for returning shoes to Nike :

  1. You can only return shoes that are under 1 year old.
  2. Contact customer support. The link is at the bottom of the page.
  3. Call the 800 number they provide via email.
  4. Obtain a “claim number”
  5. Pack-up your shoes (I used a shoe box from USPS)
  6. Label the box. MAKE SURE to include your return address and the claim number on the outside of the shoe box on the c/o line.
  7. Ship the package. Don’t forget to insure it and get delivery confirmation.
  8. Wait for a response. Hope for a replacement or gift certificate. Worst case scenario, you could get your old shoes back.

I was pleasantly surprised to find in the mail box today a letter from Nike – with a nice little gift certificate to be used only at Are these incredibly comfortable shoes? Yes. Will I buy these shoes again? Maybe. Was I pleased with the outcome and how Nike handled this case? Yes.

Oh, right…the shoes of the day: my former Nike Air Max 360’s

Nike Air Max 360’s

I am going shopping, thanks Sabrina! Oh, and Happy B-day pappa “O”

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42 Responses to Return Of The Nike

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  4. Elizabeth Cullingworth says:

    I purchased 2 pair of Nikes while in New York, the shoes already have a hole where the seams meet, my kids love their Nikes, and i would like to mail them back to Nike company for a reimbursment. Thank you

  5. Carlos says:

    How long does it take to receive a response from nike? either replacement, or gift card?

  6. Lisa Soares says:

    Wow, just denied my claim. I went online and read your story. Mahalo for the adivice cause I’m counting every penny for my son’s college.

  7. Jason Redmon says:

    I have a pair of Nike shocks I got On 11-22-07. The soul is falling apart. Can I return them?

  8. Nick says:

    My friend it has happened to me too, all shoes are made in CHINA AND VIETNAM and they do not have the quality they used to have 15-20 years ago and it is a pitty to give so much money for a pair that costs Nike 5 usd only for production


  10. I called the number listed above. Starting in 2009, Nike does all their returns online at

  11. I have wore Nike Air Max for several years and the busted Air Bubble in the heel has always been my reason for getting a new pair after I get tired of them,,I love Nike

  12. KEITH SHERMAN says:

    return defective shoes

  13. KEITH SHERMAN says:

    need return information

  14. Max voth says:

    What is the actual email I have the same prob jut i don’t know what the email is!!! Can u help me my mom is like nagging me like crazy to get a new pair!!!! Please???

  15. i have a pair of air max assails with a failed soul can i return them, 6 months old store would not take back

  16. admin says:

    Great comments and insight here. Thanks all for the comments and great information for the readers.

  17. duane says:

    i would like to return a pair of boots purchased in 2007 but are in new condition but air came out of the bubble is there something you can do.

  18. leecrutcher says:

    just want to get another pair of shoes like nike has said.

  19. I always prefer to wear Nike shoes and I think they are quite comfortable as well as cheap.In these days I am busy in writing a book about Web engineering so guys share me any idea if you are a writer.

  20. Charles says:

    i need to find out how to get a return form or a claim so i can return some shoes.

  21. anthony says:

    i have a pair of jordan CP3’s and i would like to replace them bc i only got them 11 months ago if this could happen could you send me an email at thank you

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  23. eldred civil says:

    I just wanna know if can return mike shox

  24. tennismom says:

    just got off the nike with the stupid people at nike. my son bought a pair of air max courtballiste 3.3 that have a 6 month warrenty. my son plays alot of tennis tournaments so he wore out the sole in 3 mths. nike is giving me the run around to replacing the shoes. nike is not a good company for returns. try adidas they are great, friendly and helpful.


  26. auto parts says:

    Nice. there are much more cheaper [URL=””]Brake, Vacuum Bleeders[/URL] that i know that you might need some other time but i bet you will need this now bec. that one wont last. :gl: car parts

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  28. Kevin says:

    Can you give me the mailing address for the return of a pair of Nike? Thank you!

  29. Kevin says:

    Where is the 800 number located on this website?

  30. Kate says:


    Nike denied a return of a pair of $100 Air Max worn by my young son for just a few weeks. The return process was a hassle and cost me even more in shipping shoes to them. There must be a defect in the Air Max design and/or materials. The outsole wore off in spots exposing the air chamber that then deflated. I have bought dozens of Nike shoes. Now that I know that Nike doesn’t stand behind their products -I will buy other brands.

  31. terrie says:

    I called Nike about a pair of shocks i bought 16 months ago and i was told that they will repair or replace shoes that have broken, stitches broke, etc. They r under warranty 2 yrs from the date on the inside of the tounge on the tag. They e-mailed me a shipping label, and ive sent them off. Nike says they garuntee their shoes…but something has to “break” on them….u cant just send em in cause they dont look new. Waiting for a new pair to come in the mail!

  32. Brett Moldt says:

    01/2/2012 “I received this pair of silver/black Nike 2011 air Dual-D under a month ago as a gift. I liked them so much that I purchased another pair, this time red and dark gray. I just noticed (yesterday) that the midsole is detaching from the shoe upper! I thought I was seeing things as they cost $80.00 and as they still have plenty of wear and are in great condition. I would be happy to submit a picture of the detaching sole at your request. As they were given to me, I don’t know where to return them. What would you recommend?
    Thanks in advance.”

    Brett Moldt

  33. Donna Hopkins says:

    I need to know the address in which to return a pair of Nike Boots that has a deffect with them after having them for only 2.5 monthhs.My boots are still new and in excellent condition. I wear Nike all the time and this is the first time I’ve ever had a problem with my purchase. Thanks in advance, waiting for a response from Nike.

    Donna Hopkins

  34. Todd Angel says:

    I purchased a pair of Nike Trailwind 2 about 5 months. I wear them a few days a week, so they look just about new. Yesturday I put them on and out of nowhere what feels like “bubble” appeared inside the left shoe up toward the toe area. Not sure why or how it happened but it’s very umconfortable.

    I mentioned this to my daughter today and surprisingly she told me that she has had a few friends of hers complain about the exact same thing. I am sure this is not coicencedence.

    I purchased them about an hour away from where I live and do not want to waist the time or gas returning them. I would like to get a new pair but do not know how to go about it.


  35. Thomas says:

    Trying to see if I can get an exchange Jordan 13 -white & blue the soul turned Yellow

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  37. lateek berry says:

    my nikey air bubble popped on me and i only wore my sneakers a few tymes

  38. Joe Keller says:

    I bought a pair of Nike Air Max Assail (2) that literally just fell apart after three weeks of intermittent wear. The entire sole is separating. I might be able to salvage them with some special 3M adhesives I have but, even so, this should never happen. I have been wearing Nike’s since 1972 with my first purchase of a Nike Cortez. They have lost a lifelong customer and for most businesses that want to stay in business, they know how important that is.

  39. Brian says:

    I recently purchased air max 2014 in March 2014 and the bubble is already popped. I noticed after jogging that the left one felt different after examining I noticed a hole in the side of the bubble any suggestions on repairing

  40. Got two pair of shoes bought and falling apart front heal on one pair of air maxs Falling apart and other ones air flat and sole coming apart so send me form

  41. Tony Fish says:

    I purchased a pair of Air Max’s for $175 and within 2 mos one of the air chambers is flat and can’t wear them have been given the runaround from the store and Nike… I have read the same problem and know many other people who have had the same issue this is obviously a defect in workmanship. You people make the working person jump thru 100 hoops to get a return and in the meantime Every pro athlete under a Nike contract will have 20 pairs of the newest shoes delivered to them and I’m sitting here just asking for what rightfully should be fixed!!! I’ve worn Nike all my life but this was the most expensive pair I’ve ever purchased and this is the quality… I promise I will yell from every rooftop not to purchase Air Max’s and will start giving my hard earned money to a shoe company that appreciates it

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