Sanuk, Fun For Your Feet.

Super Fun. Super Funk. Super-funk-tional. That is what you will read when you go to the Sanuk main website – that’s clever folks! One of our readers recommended and requested that I include another winter flip-flop for your consideration and viewing play-sure!

Our shoes of the day reader had this to say about his Sanuks:

Pros: Easy on easy off. They stay on when you need them on, and they stay off when you need them…off….wait a second. Toss them in the washer when they need some cleaning. Then trow them in the dryer. However, we don’t recommend a warm iron, the wrinkles are cool. They are comfortable. You can get away wearing them in formal settings — yeah, that’s right they look good with slacks too.

Cons: Your feet get sweaty the first week of wear, and your shoes start to stink. That’s about it. No worries, wash them and they are okay.

Our reader reports, “there are no real Cons, they are stinking amazing.” I must also write that this particular reader purchased four pairs of them.

If they start to grow hair, contact animal control immediately. Thanks c-the-man for submitting the Sanuk, Men’s Vagabond, the shoes of the day.

Sanuk Men’s Vagabond Sandals.

Don’t worry Bettys, they have some for you too!

Sanuk – Women’s Donna

Happy walking, wearing, wading, washing and wahrunning.

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6 Responses to Sanuk, Fun For Your Feet.

  1. carina says:

    There is no possible way that I would ever, ever wear those Donnas. EVER.

    You heard me.

  2. Matt says:

    I bought a pair of these shoes in Cali while visiting and I had blown out my Reefs so I needed something to walk around in. These things smell like a sweaty sack but WOW! they’re the most comfortable pair of shoes I’ve ever owned. Really! Anyway, I highly recommend these shoes even if they do look like a burlap sack. I’ve been wearing them to work and they’re right, they don’t look too bad with a pair of Khakis so you can pull it off.

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  4. John Phillip says:

    Do your feet smells bad when wearing Sanuk? Because it do happens to me even though my feet doesn’t really stinks, but when I wash my feet the smells go out.

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  6. frannyshell says:


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