What Color is your Sole?

On my way out the front door this morning – I noticed a very large black spider between the screen and the door.  After completely soaking it with bug spray, it curled up into a little ball and I kicked it over with my foot to see if indeed it had the horrifying red markings of the black widow.  Yes it was red, yes it was black, and there was no husband around.

These soles have some color underneath.   Color underneath must mean Poison, no wait…more traction.

The shoes of the day; Nike Court Force High Tops with colorful soles!

Nike Court Force Hi top shoes

I bet they are fast, what do you think?

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I cant help it, I love shoes.

5 Responses to What Color is your Sole?

  1. Dan says:

    That’s true, everyone knows more colors = more traction

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  3. debohnei says:

    i luv these shoes how do i buy them and yeah your tellin the truth

  4. luis ramirez says:

    i have this shoes 😀 i’m the uniqe in mexico

  5. I agree with you,I also like nike outlet stores very much.

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