Labor Daybor – White Shoes Are Now OFF Limits!

I’m not taking the day off today! I laboriously climbed a massive mountain on my pedal bike, cooled off while wake boarding at the local the lake, and then feed my face at the highly controversial burger joint. (Yeah, I felt okay about it – after all, I exercised!) No, I didnt wear any white shoes today. Really, who made up the rule that you can only wear white shoes between Memorial Day and Labor Daybor — I read something about a Canadian delivering…. a….budget, or something…speaking of Canadians, if you want to find some classic, classy Canadian shoes – I know one Canadian who wears these ReeBoks. Yes, I really do. Reebok, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, right? I think thats the reason why this shoe has been in circulation for 35 years – or on the shelves for that long.

The shoes of the day, especially for you Foozitao.

ReeBok CLASSIC (really?) Men’s Ace

By the way — this rule is only for the Betty’s — “White tennis shoes and off-white boots seem exempt”

What do you think? No white shoes until May, could you do it?

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  2. admin says:

    Found it — on Wikipedia
    “New shoes on budget day is an unusual tradition among Canadian Ministers of Finance. The tradition holds that the Minister of Finance should purchase or wear new shoes when the budget is delivered.

    The exact origins of this tradition are not known. The observance of this tradition has been inconsistent among federal ministers; indeed, for two or three finance ministers, this tradition only holds if “new shoes” is interpreted to mean “new footwear”. It also makes appearances among provincial finance ministers.”

  3. phillip says:


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  5. Rob Johnson says:

    Who writes this dribble? Employ a copy editor for grammar and spelling.

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