Simple with consummate V’s!

All I want you to do is simply look at these shoes. Thats right, just look at them. Relax. Now stare. Yes, look at them like you would look at the clouds when you are flat on your back in a nice open field of…okay, wake up! See what you can make out of these Men’s ‘Stich it’ shoes. Now say ‘Stich it’ five times really fast. Wow, didn’t think you could do it, sounds like a beat-box, huh?

I have been starring at my computer screen for about 12 hours today, and these particular shoes are starting to come to life. My mind keeps reverting back to a dragon. Looks like a S-shaped wing-a-ling dragon with a beefy arm to me. Oh, right you might know him as the Burninator! Can you see Trogdor in these shoes too?

Enjoy the shoes of the day, I am going to Phew!

‘Stich it’ Shoes by Simple

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