Remember those hot socks in the early eighties? Yes, you nailed it; the rainbow, toe-filling delights? Well, guess what? I just found some that someone has turned into shoes! Except I can’t find them in rainbow color. Right, maybe that’s a good thing! I must admit at first glance, these toe-full shoes are a touch on the freaky side. I can hear it now, “Whoa, are all of your toes in there?” I would like to get a pair, but I must admit that I suffer from the “my-second-toe-is-longer-than-my-big-toe-coolness.” I wonder if Vibram has extended toe sleeves for my “special” toe? If so, done and done. But then I think, would I really like people staring at my feet that much? “Um, sir..what is wrong with your feee…um…those…those are shoes?”

I love to snow ski, and you know how hard it is to try to successfully put your lift ticket on with out any wrinkles or simply buckle your boots with leverage-less mittens! Come on, it is hard to do things with your five fingers when they are bundled together in a mitten! Imagine what your toes can do now, now that they are FREE! This little piggy must be stoked that it doesn’t have to share the same cramped space as the little piggy who ate roast beef. “Phew, I am glad that stench is gone!”

Vibram FiveFingers Shoes

I love the description on the Vibram site:

  • Step 1 Place FiveFingers flat on the floor. Whoa, my hands or my feet?
  • Step 2 Hold heel tab and insert foot while aligning your toes with the five toe pockets. Wait, what about my FiveFingers that are flat on the floor? Wait, I see where they are going with this, I see where they are going now!
  • Step 3 Inch each toe into the appropriate pocket, make sure you have only one toe in each pocket before pulling up the heel. Appropriate pocket? Yeah, no doubt, that would hurt!
  • Step 4 Gently tighten the elastic cord for added security. Pulling the cord too tightly could cause discomfort. Yeah, ya think?
  • + If you plan to use your FiveFingers for activities involving swift water or deep mud, you may want to consider the Sprint or Surge models for a more secure fit during those activities.

This evening I went rafting down the beautiful P-Town river. Yes, the same river not far up the road from the Cirque Lodge, where Lindsay Lohan is rehabbing. The white water wasn’t too cold. However, I think my toes would have been warmer if they were individually insulated.

Tell me what you think about these shoes? Or comment about me floating the same river that Lindsay just rafted. Man, rehab must be rough. Day 1: Rafting in a river. Day 2: Zoo! Day 3: Helicopter rides. Day 4: Bike rides. Day 5: Talk about the addiction. Hey Lindsay, I think these Vibram FiveFinger Shoes may make rehab easier too. “Okay everyone, after you are done counting all your fingers, you can count your toes too!

Thanks Vibram! Thanks, for keeping toes separated, insulated and helping people graduate from rehab!

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  1. Sam Clarke says:

    I guess these are the right shoes if you want shoes that fit like a glove. Hmmm, “gloves for your feet”?, no, too long. “foot gloves”?, no, not creative enough. “Floves”?, yes! they are “FLOVES!” Now I need some floves!

  2. DAn says:

    lol, I never thought a blog about shoes could be entertaining. I almost told you so many times to quit, good thing I didn’t

  3. micchi70 says:

    These remind me of the shoes that I saw the construction workers wearing when I lived in Japan. I liked them so much I got me a pair to bring back to the states but they aren’t the most come-phee things for your feet. However, I found this site ( that shows the new and improved styles of jikatabi that are being sold now…I think I might have to get me a pair, right after I get me a pair of FLOVES of course!

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  11. I have always loved these shoes. I am excited for the next cool pair of shoes come out. In the last couple of years, these shoes have definitely become less popular.

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