Vans Off-the-wall; the shoes that deserve to be number one.


Oh the back to school fun! I recall back-to-school shopping in 1986. I did all of my shopping at the local skateboard shop. I remember walking into the local skate shop with my mom feeling well, a little uncomfortable; no, really uncomfortable. Now that I think about it, going into about any store with your mom as a prepubescent adolescent is embarrassing and uncomfortable. “Yep, I will take those”, I responded positively to the sales clerk. “If they are good enough for Lance Mountain, then they are good enough for me!” Wow, my first real pair of shoes that aren’t hand-me-downs! It is to these shoes to which I dedicate the shoes of the day to: the Sk8 high-top, Navy and baby blue with the beautiful white stripe, Vans Off the Wall. These are great all purpose shoes great on the court, ramp, classroom, on a hot date, or any where your feet decide to take you. I like to call them the “Run, Ride, Roll, and Rock and look-better-than-cool-doing-it” shoes.

Enjoy the “shoes-of-the-day”, Sk8-hi, old skool, Vans high top shoes!

Do you remember your first pair of shoes? Find them here

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  1. Dave says:

    I’ve got several pairs of Vans skate shoes but I really love my Sk8 hi. Seeing your web site make me want to go and buy another pair.

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  3. Shahirah says:

    I really really really love this design ! Jeans style ! I love it !

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